Dating Meeting A Single Parents Children

Especially if you’ve never been married, dating a single parent can be difficult. And meeting the single parent’s child or children can be a source of tension for a new couple. Let’s face it, this isn’t your normal relationship. You may have no strings, but your partner has big responsibilities – a child.

If you’re dating a recently-single parent, you need to be open and understanding. They’re going through a very difficult time, and they have much to think about. They may still be processing their feelings about being single again. Or they may be dealing with their children’s emotional baggage.

Dating comes with all kind of feelings – excitement, anticipation, nervousness. And when you decide it’s time to meet the kids, those feelings get more intense. It’s not just you and your new partner that go through these feelings. The children have greatly mixed feelings about their parent’s new flame. They may be happy and excited that Mom or Dad is having some fun, but they may feel threatened with abandonment issues. They may resent anyone if they thing they’re trying to replace their other parent. They may be jealous.

One or two dates may not be a big deal and may not involve much more than a dinner and a handshake. It’s when you see you really like each other that the challenges begin. Here are some tips that may help you through these first phases of your relationship with a newly-single parent.