Single Parenting And Black Males

Every day, all over the world, single parenting is a quickly-growing family situation. It doesn’t matter if the country is rich or poor, there are more single parents than ever before.

Societies are changing, and single parents aren’t the social outcasts they were in olden times. Earlier societies that had strict moral codes used to view single parents as immoral or personal failures. They thought being a single parent was a sign of personal or intellectual weakness.
But today, many households are run by single parents, and single parents are not limited to one race or gender. You’ll find single-parent families headed by men and women of many different races.

In fact, there are just about the same number of black and white males who are also single parents in the U.S. today. And those single fathers face the same challenges and problems.

The truth is that census figures don’t really tell us how many black single-parent males are out there today, although the 2002 US Census did find that three of every ten children are raised by a single parent. But it’s safe to assume that, no matter how many single black fathers there are today, the number is rising.

It doesn’t really matter why. Whether children are born because they were wanted or not is not the issue. The fact that single parents choose to stay with and care for their children is the important point.

As mentioned earlier, black males face the same problems as do other single parents. And as other single parents are qualified for financial help, so are single black fathers.

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